Magic Projection Vinyl

Information and facts

  • One more interesting product added to our holographic world. It’s a magic projection vinyl that changes from clear to opaque in just milliseconds. It’s a vinyl that can be installed on any glass window with no limits regarding size.
  • The vinyl comes in various colors so we can match your existing design.
  • The product i currently used in retail, hotels, interior design and of course at events and exhibitions.
  • Colors: white, light grey, dark grey, black, yellow, blue, gren and red
  • Depending on color the transparence is from 30 to 87%
  • Viewing angle more than 165 degree
  • Respons time less than 600 milliseconds
  • Lifespan more than hours
  • Power AC 48V
  • Power consumption 3,7W/m2 (50/60 Hz)
  • Dimmer (YES)
  • Back projection (YES)
  • 2 year warranty