Information and facts

EYELINQ – is a mobile and flexible product where the customer’s request can influence the final design. EYELINQ is created as a ”plug-and-play” module, which can be equipped with an interactive ”touch screen” if necessary. At present, EYELINQ comes in a 46 ”LCD version, however this size can be adjusted. The product is suitable for all applications where there is a need to create an attraction. EYELINQ is the first product our innovative product line, where EYELINQ already has a number of products under development for the gaming industry and the grocery trade.

3DEyliner – is the big brother to EYELINQ and is suitable for larger installations where there is a need to communicate to a larger audience. The product is primarily suited for events, exhibitions, entertainment and permanent installations. 3DEyeliner does not really have any size restrictions, it is the local and of course the economy that sets the limitation. Like EYELINQ, a 3DEyliner can be equipped with a touch screen to create interactivity with the visitor or the presenter.